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Are you ready to become an industry leader in the battery space?

BatteryMBA is an accredited battery-focused online programme training for aspiring battery experts worldwide. 


BatteryMBA is accredited by UK CPD certification services, the largest and leading training accreditation service in the UK, which ensures structured and quality standards across all our sessions. 

100% online course

With weekly live interactive sessions

12-weeks live sessions

With weekly interactive sessions

2000€ fee in total

Scholarships available for eligible candidates

Global community

325+ alumni from

40+ countries

BatteryMBA participants have affiliations spanning the entire battery value chain:

Tesla, Volkswagen, Northvolt, Bertrandt Group, Aggreko, Farasis Energy, Fichtner, Hitachi Energy, Rolls Royce, AVL, MAGNA, Global Battery Alliance, Unico, BP, TERADYNE, Saint Andrews, Hitachi High-Tech, Tektronix, SVOLT, SEAT, GM, InnoEnergy, Rivian, BASF, European Parliament, Ellevio, Schneider Electric, Li-Cycle, RFC Power, Circulor, SAP, Jaguar Land-Rover, Deloitte, Siemens, Grant Thornton UK LLP, Cornell University

Learn from battery industry leaders in the comfort of your home or workplace by participating in our 12-weeks online course.  BatteryMBA provides a combination of in-depth technical and business knowledge on a range of battery topics aligned with the sector's dynamic growth.


BatteryMBA is targeted for battery enthusiasts with varying levels of technical expertise who want to confirm their career or transition into the battery space.


BatteryMBA is fitted for working and full time professionals, with a weekly requirement of only 2-3hrs per week.   


Accelerate your career in batteries

BatteryMBA Programme highlights

live & recorded lectures

Our 12 weeks programme includes 12 live sessions (36+ hrs), including 10 live lectures and 1 roundtable discussion led by leading industry specialists.

The programme also offers access to 80+ hrs of recorded lectures.

Office hours & Case Study Track

In additional to the lectures, participants meet for weekly discussions moderated by Dr. Simon Engelke and the Battery Associates team.

Office hours also feature presentations from participants and case study analyses.  Note that joining the case study track is optional.  

Continuous training

As a participants, access the 12 live sessions offered during your own cohort, and access all past lecture recordings from 2022 for free.

A subscription plan for continuous training will also be announced in the Spring 2023.  

Some of our BatteryMBA lecturers 


Claudius Jehle

Co-founder and CEO at volytica diagnostics

David Howey

Professor of Engineering Science,
Oxford University


Katja Fröhlich

Senior Research Engineer at AIT, Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH


Benedikt Konersmann

Team Lead for E-Mobility Industrialisation, 

Jacqui Murray

Director of the Battery Faraday Challenge,
Innovate UK

David Howey .jpeg

Hans Eric Melin

Managing Director at Circular Energy Storage


Lisset Urrutia

Head of R&D at SVOLT Energy Technology

Pilar Gonzalez

Innovation manager at Iberdrola

Marek Kubik

Managing Director at Fluence

Claudia Vergueiro Massei

Head of Executive Office and Transformation at

Siemens Motion Control


What can be expected from the BatteryMBA programme?

  • Dedicated access to our learning platform 

  • Access to 80+ hours of battery-focused lectures and other battery resources 

  • Exclusive access to BatteryMBA alumni network on an ongoing basis

  • Networking events with our alumni community: 325+ battery experts based in 40+ countries  

  • Special access to battery events organised by Battery Associates

  • Access to an optional Case Study Track, featuring cases from leading business schools (Incl. HBS, INSEAD)

  • 36+ hours of live content, including 10 lectures on up-to-date topics around battery technology

  • An acute understanding of batteries' various industries and ecosystems

  • Expertise on topics related to the entire battery value chain, from sustainable mining to second life and EoL policy

  • Optional continuous training through a subscription to 30+ hours of lectures annually

Participants Testimonials 

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