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BatteryMBA participants have access to 12 live lectures as part of their course cohort, including 10 battery lectures taught by industry leaders. Below are the topics covered in past lectures. The topics of upcoming lectures will be announced in the fall.  

Professional Attending a Seminar


View below the topics covered in past lectures. The topics of upcoming lectures will be announced with the start of the cohort (or inquire via contact form).

Dive deep into the realms of batteries with our expert-taught sessions, shaping the future one lecture at a time. Stay tuned for the electrifying topics awaiting you this fall.

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Summary of Topics Covered in the Course

Battery Market Trends / Battery Critical Minerals (Li, Ni, Co, etc...)

Battery Critical Minerals / Battery Cell Design (chemistries, components, degradation, etc...)

Battery Cell Design / Battery Components (anode, cathode, electrolyte, etc...)

Battery Components / Battery Manufacturing (production line, quality control, etc...)

Battery Manufacturing / Battery Integration BMS

Battery Integration  BMS

Battery Application (BESS, Maritime, Space, etc...)


Battery Application / Battery End Of Life (EOL)


Battery End Of Life (EOL) / Battery Investment

Battery Investment / Battery Policy

Course Topics Covered in the Past

1) Clean-tech finance: "Who wants a faster horse?" Living in an age of disruption

Taught by: Gerard Reid, Co-founder of Alexa Capital

2) Customizing Lithium-Ion Cells - From The First Material Tests to Series Production 

Taught by: Matthias Fesser, Business Development Manager at CUSTOMCELLS

3) Li-Ion Battery Basics: A non-chemist application centered approach 

Taught by: Claudius Jehle, CEO at volytica diagnostics

4) "Why you need to write a Battery Biography"

Taught by: Veronika Wright, Founder of Electrified Veronika

5) Battery End-Of-Life Management and Policies

Taught by: Bhavya Jha, EoL Policy & EU Regulations Specialist

6) Factory line performance and precision engineering

Taught by: Mariano Sydney Rubio, Former Automobile Engineer at SEAT

7) Data and optimisation in manufacturing

Taught by:  Marc Jansen, Product Director at Decoded

8) Energy storage: a key enabler for the energy transition

Taught by:  Maxine Ghavi, Head of Grid Edge Solutions at Hitachi ABB Power Grids

9) Electric Mobility: Strategic Perspectives on Batteries

Taught by: Srinath Rengarajan, Global Head of Automotive Research at Oliver Wyman

10) Career transition in the energy storage sector

Taught by:  Claudia Vergueiro Massei, CEO at Siemens Oman

11) Customizing Lithium-Ion Cells - From The First Material Tests to Series Production

Taught by: Matthias Fesser, Business Development Manager at CUSTOMCELLS

12) "The Critical Role of Storage in our World - key questions and discussion points” 

Taught by: Gerard Reid, Co-founder of Alexa Capital

13) “Batteries from scratch - Understanding lithium ion batteries from the materials up”

Taught by: Dr Sam Cooper, Senior Lecturer at Imperial College London

14) “SOH - Li-Ion-Battery Basics, A non-chemist application-centered"

Taught by: Claudius Jehle, CEO volytica diagnostics

15) “Electrical interconnection and energy storage as key technologies for enabling the future energy system”

Taught by: Dr. Gerhard Salge, CTO Hitachi ABB Power Grids

16) “Hot N Cold Batteries - Overview of battery thermal management system’s designs and concepts”

Taught by: Katherine Kan, Co-Founder Rovilus

17) “Batteries for Energy Access”

Taught by; Harini Hewa Dewage, Energy Storage and Off-Grid Sector Consultant

18) “End-of-life management of lithium-ion batteries today and in the future”

Taught by: Hans Eric Melin, Managing Director at Circular Energy Storage

19) “Digital Twin in Battery Manufacturing”

Taught by: Claudia Vergueiro Massei, CEO Siemens Oman

20) “Battery and Energy Storage Safety Codes and Standards" 

Taught by: Ryan Franks, Senior Mechanical Engineer for Battery Reliability Testing and Industrial Acceptance at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

21) "Battery usage in electric vehicles"

Taught by: Lisset Urrutia, Head of Research & Development at SVOLT Europe

22) "Green Batteries through Computational Life Cycle Engineering"

Taught by: Dr. Felipe Cerdas, Head of Research Department Life Cycle Engineering at Technische Universität Braunschweig

23) "Overview on Lithium Ion Battery Anode Technology"

Taugh by: Jill Pestana, Director of Technical Program Management at Electric Goddess and previously Senior Staff Scientist at Enevate Corporation

24) "Towards an electrified and sustainable future: Overview of Lithium Ion Battery Cathode Materials"

Taught by : Christian Rüdiger, Director Of Strategic Partnerships & Government Affairs - Battery Materials EV at Johnson Matthey

25) "Mass Customisation: How energy storage deployments will scale 100K in the space of 20 years"

Taught by: Dr. Marek Kubik, Managing Director at Fluence Energy

26) "Studying battery behaviour using EIS"

Taught by: Mariam Awara, COO at Pulsenics

27) "Helping manufacturers to achieve net-zero"

Taught by: Douglas Johnson-Poensgen, CEO at Circulor

28) "Energy storage technologies in the power system"

Taught by: Pilar Gonzalez, Innovation Manager at Iberdrola Venture Capital

29) "Battery Giga Manufacturing"

Taught by: Claudia Vergueiro Massei, Head of Executive Office and Transformation Digital Industries

30) "Battery Industrialisation - How to setup a battery cell production”

Taught by: Benedikt Konersmann, Team Lead E-Mobility Industrialisation at P3

31) "Common Misconceptions about Batteries"

Taught by: Claudius Jehle, CEO at volytica diagnostics

32) "Batteries and the UK Ecosystem"

Taught by: Jacqui Murray, Deputy Director - Faraday Battery Challenge at InnovateUK

33) "Lithium-mining and Sustainability"

Taught by: Jeremy Wrathall’s and Dr. Rebecca Paisley, CEO and Exploration Geochemist at Cornish Lithium Ltd

34) "Green cell manufacturing"

Taught by : Katja Fröhlich, Thematic Coordinator at Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH

35) "From Cell to Pack and Back"

Taught by: Joachim Doehner, Director Sales at KUKA

36) "Battery policy and battery passport"

Taught by Tilmann Vahle, Co-Lead Mobility Platform at SYSTEMIQ

37) "Battery modelling and control"

Taught by: Prof. David Howey, Professor of Engineering Science at the University of Oxford

38) "Stationary Batteries"

Taught by: Dr. Maggie Teliska, Innovation at Enel Green Power

39) "Price Declines"

Taught by: Dr. James Frith, Principal at Volta Energy Technologies

40) "The Future of Energy"

Taught by: Gerard Reid, Co-Founder at Alexa Capital

41)  "Battery Misconceptions - Reloaded"

Taught by: Claudius Jehle, CEO at volytica diagnostics

42) "Responsible sourcing cobalt"

Taught by: Anne-Marie Fleury, Director Cobalt at Glencore

43) "High Power cells"

Taught by: Fergal Harrington-Beatty, Head of EVs at AMTE Power

44) "How to set up a battery factory"

Taught by: Nemanja Mikac, CEO at ElevenEs

45) "Second life batteries"

Taught by: Jon Asin, Co-founder & CEO of Beeplanet

46) "Battery Packs"

Taught by: Hakan Yilmaz, Manager Business Development - eMobility Europe Manager at ABB

47) "Solid-state lithium-metal batteries"

Taught by: Jordi Sastre, Senior Battery Engineer at QuantumScape

48) "European battery policy: how regulation can make Europe world's leader in green batteries"

Taught by: Julia Poliscanova, eMobility lead at Transport & Environment

49) "Charging Infrastructure V2G"

Taught by: Claire Miller, Director of Technology &
Innovation Director at Octopus Electric

50) "Battery Investments in the New Economic Cycle"

Taught by: Katherine He, Co-founder Battery Bits - Energy investment at TDK Ventures

51) "Lithium-Ion (EV) battery market and supply chain"

Taught by: Wolfgang Bernhart, Senior Partner at Roland Berger

52) "U.S. Battery Programs, Policies, and Funding Opportunities"

Taught by: Emma Bishop, Assistant Vice President at Venn Strategies

53) "Lithium-ion Battery Cell, Module & pack design for integration"

Taught by: Wenzel Prochazka, Senior Product Manager Battery Systems at AVL

54) "Using advanced techniques to investigate batteries during cycling"

Taught by: Claire Villevieille, Research Director at CNRS

55) "Sodium-Ion battery cells"

Taught by: Fergal Harrington-Beatty, Head of EVs at AMTE Power

56) "Insights into High Performance Battery Systems"

Taught by: Wasim Sarwar Dilov, Head of Research and Advanced Engineering at Rimac Automobili

57) "Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) and Net Zero Electricity"

Taught by: Patricia Darez, Managing Director at 350renewables

58) "Battery manufacturing pilot plant from real to digital space"

Taught by: Elixabete Ayerbe Olano, Team Leader at CIDETEC Energy Storage

59) "Battery Recycling: Recovery of Critical Energy Materials"

Taught by: Teija Mortvedt, Former Chemical Process Engineer at Tesla

60) "Tracking the disruptive battery industry and its opportunities for Europe"

Taught by: Evan Horetsky, Partner at McKinsey & Company

61) " The Lithium-Ion Battery Value Chain &

Taught by: Celine Büchel & Theresa Haisch, COnsultants at Roland Berger

62) "Mining and Brine Extraction for Battery
Minerals – How it Works and Why it Lags
Behind Demand"

Taught by: Tommi Valkonen, Strategy Manager at Sandvik

63) "Life Cycle Analysis: A Case Study from Cobalt"
Taught by: Tom Fairlie, Senior Sustainability Manager at Cobalt Institute

64) "Future-Proofing Cathode Active Material Manufacturing"

Taught by: Virginia Klausmeier, President & CEO of Sylvatex

65) "Understanding How to Build & Run Battery

Taught by: Fergal Harrington-Beatty, Head of Sales at AMTE Power

66) "Battery Integration & BMS & Thermal Runaway"

Taught by: Wenzel Prochazka, Senior Product Manager Battery Systems at AVL

67) "Maritime Electrification and Zero-Emissions Vessels"

Taught by: Carlos Freire, Marine Battery Expert & Senior Onboard Electronics Consultant

68) "Challenges and Opportunities in Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling"

Taught by: Mark Strauss, R&D Chemical Engineer at Aqua Metals

69) "Investing and Finance Needs for the Battery Sector"

Taught by: Ian Laurent, Managing Technical Director at BNP Paribas

70) "How the Energy Transition Moves Our World"

Taught by: Gerard Reid, Co-Founder and Partner at Alexa Capital

71) "Battery Market Trends"

Taught by: Evelina Stoikou, Senior Associate, Energy Storage at BloombergNEF

72) "Responsible Sourcing of Cobalt"

Taught by: Susannah McLaren, Head of Responsible Sourcing & Sustainability at Cobalt Institute

73) "A Deep Dive into Lithium-Ion Battery  Cell Components"

Taught by: Sheida Isikli, BatteryMBA Course Co-Ordinator & Battery Expert at Battery Associates

74) "The Solid-State Battery, from a Beacon of Hope to a Game Changer"

Taught by: Xiaohan Wu, Senior Expert at Porsche Consulting

75) "Factory Planning Beyond Manufacturing"

Taught by: Kathleen Wagner, Interim Manager at Protafo Interim Performance

76) "BESS Business" 
Taught by: John O’Toole, Director of UK Asset Management at Amp Energy

77) "Batteries in Aerospace"

Taught by: Kush Sutaria, Battery Engineer at Axiom Space

78) "Opportunities and Challenges in Li-Ion Battery Recycling"
Taught by: Max Hickey, Business Development Manager at Li-Cycle

79) "EU Policy, Gigafactories and the Critical Raw Materials Act"

Taught by: Julia Poliscanova, Senior Director, Vehicles & Emobility at T&E

80) "Investing in Batteries" 

Taught by: Yair Shacked, Founder of GIGADAYS

81) "Battery Market Trends" 

Taught by: Nathan Niese, Partner, Global lead for EV & Energy Storage at BCG

82) "Battery Cell Design Improvements" 

Taught by: Senior Research Associate at University of Cambridge

83) "The journey to decarbonisation: Biomining a clean-tech solution" 

Taught by: Dr. Homayoun, Senior Research Fellow - Critical Minerals Consultant

84) "Battery Anode Production & Innovation" 

Taught by: Dr. Heinrich Badenhorst, CSO at CarbonScape

85) "Innovations in Cell Manufacturing Quality Management" 

Taught by: Alicja Gos, Senior Engineer at Liminal and Nicolina Nanni, Head of Product at Liminal

86) "An Overview of the Battery & BMS Systems" 

Taught by: Bahareh Yazdani, Global Head of Batteries at Ricardo and Gary Bumfrey, Principal Engineer at Ricardo

87) "An Overview of the Battery & BMS Systems" 

Taught by: Lee Byung Kon, Manager, Business Development, Cylindrical Batteries at LG Energy Solution

88) "Electrification in Leisure Boats 

Taught by: Carlos Freire, Marine Batteries & Onboard Electronics Management

89) "Battery Recycling: A Key Enabler for Sustainable Electric Mobility" 

Taught by: Benedicte Robertz, Program lead LCA  at Umicore and Bart Verrecht, Manager Battery Recycling at Umicore

90) "Scaling Investment in Battery Supply Chains"

Taught by: Lauren Pamma, Director at Green Finance Institute

91) "Trends in Battery Raw Materials Supply Chains"

Taught by: Alex Laugharne, Principal Consultant at CRU

92) "Critical Raw Materials in the EU for EV Batteries"

Taught by: Miguel J. Galindo, CEO of Galesk Consultancy SLU

93) "Battery Cell Design"

Taught by: Dr. Johannes Wandt, Battery Cell Technology at BMW Group & Associate Professor UiA (Norway)

94) "Lithium, Batteries and Action. The Solid State Battery"

Taught by: Prof. Dr. Jennifer Rupp, Professor at TUM, Associate Professor at MIT

95) "Drivers in Battery Cell Production"

Taught by: Chris Taylor, Director Operations at 24M Technologies

96) "Battery Integration 101"

Taught by: Murray Schofield, Co-Founder of Raeon

97) "Unlock the full potential of batteries by Predictive Analytics"

Taught by: Dr. Georg Angenendt, CTO & Co-Founder at ACCURE Battery Intelligence

98) "Battery Energy Storage Solutions"

Taught by: Raafe Khan, Global Director at Visteon Corporation

99) "Battery Logistics Aftermarket"

Taught by: Achim Glass, SVP Global Head of Business Dev Automotive + New Mobility, at Kuehne + Nagel

100) "Battery Policy Manager and Investment"

Taught by: Ilka von Dalwigk, Policy Manager at InnoEnergy

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