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Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is the BatteryMBA programme?

BatteryMBA is a battery-focused online programme created to train and upskill battery experts worldwide. This 12-week CPD-accredited programme provides battery enthusiasts a series of industry-focused lectures that combine in-depth technical and business knowledge around battery topics. The programme emphasises on building a global network of battery leaders, and in an effort to provide continuous training to battery experts, participants have access to all prior and future lecture recordings.

2) Who is this programme for?

The BatteryMBA programme was crafted for battery enthusiasts interested in expanding both their network and knowledge in the battery sector. BatteryMBA was created as a global online programme to meet the training needs of the rapidly growing battery industry and workforce. BatteryMBA is catered to full-time employees with limited time on their hands. 

While we encourage individuals with prior technical battery knowledge to apply, the programme includes some introductory Battery 101 resources with no technical background. We also encourage applications from those transitioning industries.

BatteryMBA alumni include individuals working at: Tesla, Volkswagen, Northvolt,
Hitachi ABB Power Grids, Schneider Electric, AVL, SVOLT, Bertrandt Group, Unico, Scania, Envision AESC, Rolls Royce, MAGNA, Global Battery Alliance, UCL, Virginia Tech, MIT, Idaho National Laboratory and others. So far, participants have been based in 35+ countries, and we are proud to say that overall our programmes met a 40% gender ratio.

3) What topics are covered in the lectures and who are the lecturers?

Lecture topics aim to cover the entire battery value chain, from lithium-ion battery cell production to clean tech market trend analysis. Once admitted in the programme, participants access lectures that include: “Li-ion Battery Basics: A non-chemist application-centered approach”; “Battery End-Of-Life Management and Policies”; “Factory line performance and precision engineering”; “Energy storage: a key enabler for the energy transition”; “Electric Mobility: Strategic Perspectives on Batteries”; “Career Transition in the energy sector”; “Cleantech finance: Living in an age of disruption,” and others. Learn more on our  "lecture topics" page.

Lecturers include Hans Eric Melin - Managing Director at Circular Energy Storage; Gerhard Salge - CTO Hitachi ABB Power Grids; Claudia Massei - CEO of Siemens Oman; Gerard Reid, Co-founder at Alexa Capital; Sam Cooper - Senior Lecturer at Imperial College London, and many others.

4) What does a typical week look like? What time is required from BatteryMBA participants?  

The BatteryMBA programme requires on average 1 to 3 hours per week. A typical week includes one hour of live lecture and one hour of office hour discussion. 

Participants are encouraged to join our live lectures, but since all lectures are recorded, they may also choose to view lectures on their own time. All participants are however asked to offer a short 10 minute-long presentation on a topic of their choice, during one of the office hour sessions.

5) How much does BatteryMBA cost, and what is included in the tuition fee?

The total programme cost is 2000€, payable in full or in four instalments.

Details: To offer an affordable battery-focused training, the programme fee was kept to a minimal cost of 2000€. This covers: 36 live sessions distributed over 12 weeks, including 10 live lectures taught by industry leaders, 1 roundtable featuring top industry leaders, and video recordings of all past lectures (60+ hrs of content).

An instalment payment plan is available for participants who wish to pay the course fee over 12-weeks. Aligned with our commitment to make the programme accessible to all, a limited number of scholarships are also available.

6) How is the BatteryMBA programme structured?

The course includes 36 live sessions over 12 weeks, divided as such: Every week, participants take part in 1 live lecture and 2 live office hours, during which participants offer short presentations. The last week of the programme includes a roundtable discussion with top industry leaders.

A typical BatteryMBA week looks as follows:

Weekly on Mondays - ‘Meet the leader’ Live lecture: Our 12-week programme includes 10 live lectures and an exclusive roundtable with industry leaders. All lectures are followed by a Q&A to address specific battery-related issues, and offer bespoke business and entrepreneurial insights.

Weekly on Thursdays & Fridays - Office Hour: Participate in a weekly discussion moderated by Battery Associates’ Founder & Chair, Dr. Simon Engelke. Sessions give participants the option to present a topic of their choice, encouraging discussion around specific themes relevant to the battery sector. The format of these sessions ensures active discussion time.

Other sessions: 

Career Session (optional) - Once during the 12 weeks

Networking sessions (optional) - Twice during the 12 weeks

Case Study Track meetings (optional) - A few times during the 12 weeks. 

7) What do others say about BatteryMBA?

One key highlight of the programme is the access to a lifetime access to a global network of battery leaders. In the spirit of providing continuous training for battery leaders, BatteryMBA alumni also maintain access to all past and future lecture recordings!

Testimonials from participants:

"'A highlight of the BatteryMBA is the high participation of women. If we want the battery industry to thrive, (...) we need a diverse group of future leaders."

''Being able to talk to various people, like scientists, consultants, people from the investment side, data, analytics (...), you get a broader understanding of the dynamics that control the battery industry."

“I would recommend this programme both to those who are new and trying to get into this battery field, and to somebody who has been in this field for 20 years."

8) Will I receive a certificate?

Yes. All participants who successfully complete the course and attend 80% of lectures receive a CPD Certificate of Completion and a certificate signed by Battery Associates.

9) How do I apply to the BatteryMBA and are there any prerequisites to enroll?

To apply, please fill out the simple form on, and include your  CV in English. Someone will then contact you to assess your application and may contact you for an interview. If you are applying to the scholarship, please submit a motivation letter as well.

There are no specific course or degree prerequisites to apply. We offer admission based on motivation, prior experience, and merits. If selected, you will be invited to join us for a short interview and to complete your enrollment by email.

10) Why is BatteryMBA called BatteryMBA?

While BatteryMBA is not a Masters of Business Administration, we decided to reflect in the programme’s name the business and executive aspects of a traditional MBA. Battery innovation lies at the heart of a successful energy transition and understanding battery development requires training individuals with a combination of technical and business knowledge. While standard Battery courses exist, we wanted to craft a programme that included both the business and executive characteristics of a traditional MBA.

We are very clear about the fact that BatteryMBA is not a Masters of Business Administration and do not intend to mislead anyone. We obtained the globally recognised CPD accreditation to ensure that our programme still abides to high education standards.

11) How does BatteryMBA differ from a conventional MBA programme?

The BatteryMBA shares a few components with a traditional MBA, including a strong emphasis on the access to an exceptional network of leaders, but BatteryMBA is proud to say it is not a Masters in Business Administration.

Unlike a conventional MBA, BatteryMBA does not require the financial or time investment that often prevents the pursuit of one’s career amelioration. We believe that everyone deserves the right to improve their professional career options, and that it is possible to provide quality battery training at a much more affordable rate than a traditional MBA (of which the admission fees average between $20,000 to over $60,000).

Unlike a conventional MBA, our programme is also inherently decentralised and global, with participants and lecturers located in all continents. The lecturers' expertise purposefully represents a wide range of sectors across the battery supply chain, from the automotive to the mining industry.

12) How does the BatteryMBA differ from a conventional online Battery course?

BatteryMBA differs from a standard online battery course in two main ways:


Unlike a traditional online course, BatteryMBA emphasises on creating a global network of battery leaders and participants become a part of a rapidly growing network of battery leaders. The course also requires the active participation of all participants and engages participants with battery experts across the battery value chain.

Second, unlike a standard on-demand course, the programme features 36 live sessions, including 10 lectures and 1 roundtable with plenty of time dedicated to live debates and discussions.

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