'"I would recommend this programme both to those who are new and trying to get into this battery field, and to somebody who has been in this field for 20 years."


Crystal Waters,
BatteryMBA alumni

''Being able to talk to various people, like scientists, consultants, people from the investment side, data, analytics (...), you get a broader understanding of the dynamics that control the battery industry."


Alan Dowden,

These 3 months together have allowed me to expand my knowledge about the EV battery sector. As someone who entered the course with a limited foundation regarding the battery space, this course challenged me to expand my proficiency in battery manufacturing, battery safety, battery management systems, energy storage, micro-grids, and battery recycling.


Ephraim Labrador, BatteryMBA alumni

"Having entered the program with minimal knowledge on batteries, I have accelerated my learning curve through the guidance of industry experts and discourses with my colleagues.The course introduced us to core and innovative battery topics like microgrids, battery recycling, SOH/SOC, thermal management system and digital twins in manufacturing."


Paula Bojikian,
BatteryMBA alumni

"A highlight of the BatteryMBA is the high participation of women. If we want the battery industry to thrive, (...) we need a diverse group of future leaders."


Christopher Taylor,

"This has been by far my favourite learning journey, being guided through subjects/topics by hugely knowledgeable experts in their respective fields to learning from the experience of my fellow participants, with each and everyone bringing so much. The learning environment created has really exceeded my expectations."


Rose Marie Mendoza,
BatteryMBA alumni

"Hearing lectures from well-noted Battery Professionals both from the academe and the industry have opened my eyes to the possibility of running and playing my own game with confidence. Experts from different battery industries and energy sectors were gathered to make the program very informative and interactive."


Haider Adel Alil,
BatteryMBA alumni

"This course has exceeded my expectations!

These 3 months have been an amazing learning journey for me. Key topics such as battery thermal management system, SOH, digital twin, second-life batteries, safety codes and standards, and many more have been taught in this course by top industry experts and professionals in this fast-growing battery industry."