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About the course 

BatteryMBA is a 12-weeks online course.  BatteryMBA provides a combination of in-depth technical and business knowledge on a range of battery topics aligned with the sector's dynamic growth.


BatteryMBA is targeted for battery enthusiasts with varying levels of technical expertise who want to confirm their career or transition into the battery space.


BatteryMBA is fitted for working and full time professionals, with a weekly requirement of only 2-3hrs per week.   

100% online 

Our 12 weeks online programme combines live online lectures, networking events with battery specialists, access to past lecture recordings, and small group discussions and presentations to ensure that individuals needs are met.

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Interactive live lectures

Lecturers work in industry names like Tesla, SVOLT, Seat, Siemens, Hitachi Energy, Johnson Matthey, Fluence, Iberdrola, Circular Energy Storage, Imperial College London, P3, and others. Lecturers’ expertise span every stage of the battery value chain to ensure that participants gain research, industry-based, and business insights.

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Global alumni network

As a BatteryMBA  participants, you’ll join a global network of battery experts working in the battery sector, from mining, cell production, to recycling and policy research. BatteryMBA alumni are based in 26 countries and our network is continuously growing.

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As a participants, access the 12 live sessions as part of your own cohort, and access all past and future lecture recordings for free. This offer ends in January 2022.

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The course is certified by UK CPD Certification Service. We are proud that 98% of alumni said that they would recommend this course to others. 

Some of our BatteryMBA lectures 


Lisset Urrutia

Head of R&D at SVOLT Energy Technology


Hans Eric Melin

Managing Director at Circular Energy Storage


Pilar Gonzalez

Innovation manager at Iberdrola


Marek Kubik

Managing Director at Fluence


Claudia Vergueiro Massei

Head of Executive Office and Transformation,

Siemens Motion Control

Participants Testimonials 

’This has been by far my favourite learning journey, being guided through subjects/topics by hugely knowledgeable experts in their respective fields to learning from the experience of my fellow participants, with each and everyone bringing so much. The learning environment created has really exceeded my expectations.”
Christopher, BatteryMBA participant 

’“I would recommend this programme both to those who are new and trying to get into this battery field, and to somebody who has been in this field for 20 years.”
Anurag, BatteryMBA participant

BatteryMBA has 42% of women particiant in its cohorts

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